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In July, I will be experimenting with video production while traveling.

My video post-production tools will be an iPhone 8, a 3-year old iPad, a 64GB RavPower storage device, and an IOS video editing app called LumaFusion. This will be an interesting experiment, if nothing else. I’m still working out an efficient workflow, since only my iPhone will have non-wifi access to uploading video to YouTube while traveling. After doing a few experiments at home, I am realizing that video editing drains my iPhone and iPad batteries at an alarmingly high rate. So I’ve also added a Power Bank battery to my equipment list in case I find myself stranded from a reliable power source.

So far, some tests have revealed some odd file-type errors and some buggy behavior with exporting rendered video from LumaFusion. I’ve got a week to figure it out.

If all goes well, I’ll be posting my travel videos here in the PatrixMedia AdventureLog.