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This trip begins on California’s central coast at the sleepy little train station of Grover Beach.

My flight to Barcelona departs from Los Angeles. The easiest way to get there from the central coast is to enjoy a lazy and scenic ride south along the California coast. It’s a slow ride, taking nearly twice as long as it does to make the drive. But on the train you can get up and move around, sleep, work via the free wifi, or simply gaze out the window and enjoy the show.

One of the treats of this journey to Los Angeles is arriving at the Art Deco delight that is Union Station. And across the street is the semi-authentic Olvera Street. I arrived at Union Station around noon. There was plenty of time for me to eat a leisurely Mexican meal before getting on a bus to LAX for my evening flight. I also happened to meet 3 talented musicians who serenaded me and my camera. They’re performance provides the musical bed for my first travel video in this series. Enjoy.