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Traveling Light


An iPhone 8, a Shure MV88 mic, and an Arkon tripod. This Summer, I’m trying an experiment in super lightweight photography and videography.

I’ll be documenting my adventure here. I hope to provide both photography and edited video of my explorations. I’m feeling pretty good about the photography. The camera on the iPhone 8 is not bad. I am most anxious about the video end of things. The stabilization and sound are significant challenges. But the ability to do any kind of real video editing on the road is what has me most concerned. Not only is the screen real estate quite limited, but the available software for any real editing is also very restrictive. More on that later.

I hope to also be sharing on Instagram @patrixmedia and Twitter @patrixmedia and YouTube.

Tomatoes in Water

This tomato plant seems to be growing well in water. The root system looks robust and the leaves are mostly healthy (a few brown spots). However, the flowers are wilted and sickly.