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Pondering Persistent Possibilities

Every time I travel in July, I come back feeling like I need to make some adjustments in my life. This time the feeling was particularly powerful. My travel adventures this July were fun and inspiring. I relaxed in a sleepy beach town in the south of France for a week. I ate great food. I fell in love with a city in Spain. And, I developed an exciting new workflow for my lightweight video production on the road. I came back rested and inspired. But I was not really that inspired to get back to my regular job. Instead, I was inspired to travel more and further develop my photography and video workflow while traveling. So now I’m pondering the persistent possibility of pursuing the things that make me most pleased… Patrix pursuit of persistently pleasing possibilities.


On The Road: Barcelona

Barcelona is even better than what I remembered it to be so many years ago.

It’s an inspiring city for me. It mixes and blends new and old art and culture in a magical way. The people are friendly, happy and beautiful. The food is delicious.



On The Road: St. Marie

The sleepy little beach town of St. Marie was a relaxing and fun place to spend time with family. Our days were filled with morning swims in the Mediterranean Sea, bike rides along the strand, daily walks into the village to buy the day’s food, and warm evenings with great food and plenty of rosé.

I miss St. Marie.



On The Road: Time-Shifting Plane Ride

Norwegian Air from LAX to Barcelona was a relatively comfortable ride and only an hour late. That wasn’t a problem for me since I was staying in Barcelona for a day and a half before heading to France. The food and drinks were part of the service, but nothing to get excited about.

I typically hate airports. However, the OneWorld lounge at LAX was a treat. I was able to enjoy good food, drinks, wifi and World Cup soccer matches while I waited.

The time shift on a trip to Europe always throws me off and messes with my rhythms and timing:



On The Road: Train Ride to Los Angeles

This trip begins on California’s central coast at the sleepy little train station of Grover Beach.

My flight to Barcelona departs from Los Angeles. The easiest way to get there from the central coast is to enjoy a lazy and scenic ride south along the California coast. It’s a slow ride, taking nearly twice as long as it does to make the drive. But on the train you can get up and move around, sleep, work via the free wifi, or simply gaze out the window and enjoy the show.

One of the treats of this journey to Los Angeles is arriving at the Art Deco delight that is Union Station. And across the street is the semi-authentic Olvera Street. I arrived at Union Station around noon. There was plenty of time for me to eat a leisurely Mexican meal before getting on a bus to LAX for my evening flight. I also happened to meet 3 talented musicians who serenaded me and my camera. They’re performance provides the musical bed for my first travel video in this series. Enjoy.



Video Production On The Road

In July, I will be experimenting with video production while traveling.

My video post-production tools will be an iPhone 8, a 3-year old iPad, a 64GB RavPower storage device, and an IOS video editing app called LumaFusion. This will be an interesting experiment, if nothing else. I’m still working out an efficient workflow, since only my iPhone will have non-wifi access to uploading video to YouTube while traveling. After doing a few experiments at home, I am realizing that video editing drains my iPhone and iPad batteries at an alarmingly high rate. So I’ve also added a Power Bank battery to my equipment list in case I find myself stranded from a reliable power source.

So far, some tests have revealed some odd file-type errors and some buggy behavior with exporting rendered video from LumaFusion. I’ve got a week to figure it out.

If all goes well, I’ll be posting my travel videos here in the PatrixMedia AdventureLog.

The Importance of OpenSource

Andreas speaks to a gathering of developers at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Vienna, Austria on May 18th, 2018.

The Inside Crypto Debate

This guy Richard Heart (aka Richard James Schueler) may be a pedantic asshole, but he is also a smart and knowledgeable guy in the crypto space.

I respect that he challenges folks in this realm. And he does it in an intelligent way. If you listen to this this debate closely, there is much to learn:

The Art of Telling A Quick Story

Traveling without my camera gear is a little disorienting for me. It makes me feel naked. How can I tell a proper story if I don’t have my cameras and mics and gadgets?

I can fall into that gear-trap as well as the next guy/gal. One of my great video artist inspirations reminds me all the time that telling a good story is really not about the equipment you use. Casey embraces raw story-telling better than any YouTuber I know: